“We want them back” – A Report on Ancestral Remains in Berlin


In February 2022, Decolonize Berlin e.V., the central coordination body for a city-wide concept addressing Berlin’s colonial past, published “We want them back: On the presence of human remains from colonial contexts in Berlin” (available in both German and English). The report provides an initial overview of human remains held by public institutions and private associations in Berlin, as well as information on their existing documentation. Compiled from historical sources and in-house research undertaken by the organisations in question, the report makes no claim to be exhaustive, but is an important source of information for communities of origin and repatriation activists working for the return of ancestors from Berlin.

The detailed report by Isabelle Reimann is complemented by essays by Jephta U. Nguherimo, Mnyaka Sururu Mboro, Adetoun and Michael Küppers-Adebisi, Christian Kopp, Santi Hitorangi, Evelin Huki and Edward Halealoha Ayau. Together they argue for a fundamental reorientation of the city’s relationship with the deceased and their descendants. Australian discussions, insights and protocolls feature prominently in this document, not least because of Paul Turnbull’s advisory role in this project. Paul has also acted as advisor to our project in the past.

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