Looking back and ahead

Our project is looking back on a busy year 2023 – so busy we even fell behind in posting about our work on this blog! We will therefore resume our blog by looking back on some of last year’s highlights.

The main event in 2023 for our project was an in-person workshop in Berlin last August to September. For this, we had several preparatory meetings with our partners – following the stocktake we did in 2022 – to determine which collections our Australian partners were to visit in September. For some of our Australian partners, like Caine Muir (Museums Victoria) and Clayton Simpson-Pitt (Australian Museum), it was the first time visiting the Berlin institutions. Rebecca Carland (Museums Victoria) and Tim Stranks (Museums Victoria) returned to Berlin for in-depth looks at the Blandowski collection. We visited most of the MfN’s departments and also had a look at the Blandowski collection in the Ethnological Museum and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (State Library). Of course, we also spent time in the MfN’s archive where we immersed ourselves in Blandowski’s and Krefft’s drawings. 

In the coming months, we will share impressions of last year’s workshop on this blog, with insights into the research topics we discussed with our partners. We are also going to inform you on our current work and future plans. For now, we leave you with a group photo of the last workshop day at the MfN and hope you stay tuned for more highlights to come.

Group picture
Group photo of last year’s workshop © Hwa Ja Götz (MfN) 2023

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