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Wir suchen Verstärkung!

Vorbehaltlich der Mittelvergabe durch das Deutsche Zentrum Kulturgutverluste sucht das von der Universität Potsdam und der Universität Trier gemeinschaftlich durchgeführte Projekt „Berlin’s Australian Archive: Addressing the Colonial Legacies of Natural History“ eine:n Forschungskoordinator:in. Die...


Interview: Working in the Archive II

Research assistant Fiona Möhrle has been working on registering Blandowski’s drawings in the internal database of the Historische Arbeitsstelle at the MfN. Here, she reflects on the insights she gained while meticulously examining the...


Interview: Working in the Archive

Research assistant Philip Eybing reflects on his work with the Blandowski papers. William Blandowski was a Prussian naturalist, who arrived in Australia in 1849 and who was appointed government zoologist at Melbourne’s newly founded...

Screenshot of the first slide of the keynote ("Strategies for First Nations’ Communities in motivating museums to move beyond fear and assuagement") 0

Moving beyond Fear and Assuagement

On 6 October 2020, Associate Professor Sandy O’Sullivan (University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland) held a keynote at our workshop on “Collecting a Continent”. They kindly agreed to have their talk on “Strategies for...


Berlin’s Australian Archive

Following in the footsteps of Alexander von Humboldt, nineteenth-century German naturalists sought to explore and categorize the world. To them, the Australian continent offered a welcome opportunity to test Humboldt’s methods on a terrain...

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